I started from the bottom now I'm here. (And one day I will be where I need to be 😁.)
  1. Acquire a few key pieces that tie any outfit together
    My current go to's are an ultra-light tan jacket with a hood and a grey/beige drapey sweater (you know the ones that don't have true sleeves, just openings for your arms and make you feel like you are a flying squirrel?)
  2. Own at least 3 statement necklaces.
    Alternate throughout the week so that no one can ever say you threw yourself together. I mean, does a chronically-late person have time to carefully choose a necklace for her outfit?! I THINK NOT.
  3. Always carry mascara.
    Get familiar with applying it on transit, public bathrooms, clean shop windows etc.
  4. Develop a laser focus.
  5. Get really good at engaging that focus at the last possible second.
  6. Walk fast.
    Walk like you're going somewhere with your big sister who disdains your very existence and has legs 7 years longer than you. If you fall behind, she WILL leave you.
  7. Stop taking cabs.
    Remove your safety net and stop wasting money. Allow the fear of arriving late to fuel you.
  8. Time how long it takes you to get ready in the morning, then put your coffee down and jump in the shower 20 minutes earlier than your estimated start time.
  9. Listen to faster music.
    Even if you prefer slow, moody music to ease you into the day. Increase the beat, increase your urgency.
  10. Don't stop caring.
    Most people who are late care less than you do and it shows. The fact that you care is part of what makes you successful. These things have a trickle-down effect into other parts of our lives.
  11. When in doubt, kick ass in every other way.
    We're usually a creative, daydreamy bunch, so let's harness our awesome and out-perform everyone else in every other way.
  12. This is called teamwork.
    You arrive on time and I will bring the awesome.