Inspired by @xtinebrad
  1. I live in the margins of the menu!
    I don't remember the context but I do remember I said this one day and it struck me as both hilarious and very appropriate. I ask a lot of questions and don't accept things just because they're said or printed in an authoritative way (even if they're laminated!!) But it's not because I want to be difficult, it's just because my brain feels about confusion like my body does about gluten. Give it to me straight then let me pick it apart and reassemble it.
  2. Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle. ~Philo
    But especially be kind to me, because I'm hangry and there was no coffee left this morning!
  3. Why do I love you?
    A long list rather than typical prose because this person is one of action and is best described by the ways that he shows me love.