1. I will not ride an escalator by myself. If I fall who will catch me? The fast moving prongs, ready to rip off my skin, that's who.
  2. My 3 most played songs on iTunes are; 1. Drake "Marvin's Room" 2. Childish Gambino "3005" and 3. Charles and Eddie "would I lie to you"
  3. I go to the movies every Tuesday, by myself. I have a blog called "Tuesday's with movies," but it's only in my head and I have no clue how to start a blog.
  4. I always donate a $1 to st Jude's if they ask me at checkout
  5. In 6th grade I broke up with a boy because he put his lunchbox on his head.
  6. I have a ton of friends who are 8 years younger than me, and a ton of friends that are 5-8 years older than me, but only one the same age as me.
  7. You can find all of my favorite foods in a gas station.
  8. I really like this list app.