1. Teacher
    My mom is one and I always aimed to please.
  2. Paleontologist
    Jurassic Park era.
  3. Teacher
    Let's get real. And also still super type a and will do anything to please the adults in my life.
  4. Archaeologist
    Classics major. Lucrative! So many career opportunities! Spent a summer digging in Pompei and got hooked. Then I started taking Greek...
  5. Legal aid lawyer
    Does not require knowledge of Attic Greek ✔️ type a people pleaser do good stuff for the world ✔️ law school is free (wait you have to pay the loans back? Shit.) ✔️ but seriously there is not access to justice in the United States and it is fucked up and so I'm glad I get to this for my job ✔️✔️✔️