1. At 16: Everyone says that boys want to have sex all the time. And they do. But girls want it to and that's ok. (Do you need to go on the pill?)
  2. At 18: Let him call you. And you need to calm the fuck down.
  3. At 22: It's ok if you don't marry him.
  4. At 26: Maybe you shouldn't be with someone who's not so nice to you.
  5. At 29: Don't settle. Have fun! And stop telling everyone you're already 30.
  6. At 31: Don't settle.
  7. At 32: Don't settle.
  8. At 35: Well, maybe you're being a tad picky. The guy whose favorite hobby was reprinting his basement wasn't so bad!
  9. At 37: Stop telling everyone you're 40! And don't settle.
  10. ....love you Mom!