Simpsons Quotes for Daily Life

  1. Willie hears ya...Willie don't care
    For when you hear that alarm going off but you DGAF
  2. We're in the Itchy Lot
    Always say this after you leave your parking spot. This joke never gets old
  3. I don't know what you have planned for tonight Homer, but count me out.
    A porno magazine, large box of condoms, a bottle of Old Harper, a couple of those panty shields and some illegal fireworks AND one - make it two of those disposable enemas. Homer buys a random assortment of items and Marge isn't into it. It's a perfect quote to utter when you place all that random shit you had to buy at Target onto the checkout belt..
  4. Just Hook It To My Veins!
    Barney wins a lifetime supply of Duff! Best line to use when something is so delicious that you just want all of it. Doesn't matter what it is, but you want it all!
  5. Stop, Stop! He’s Already Dead
    People love to beat a dead horse! Fight back with another overly used quote!
  6. Money can be exchanged for goods and services
    Yeah you wanted that one peanut, but you can buy many peanuts! Best to use when you just got paid!!
  7. And here come the pretzels…
    When you hear the crowd boo it's basically vocal pretzels...
  8. Pray for Mojo
    This line doesn't just work for obese helper monkeys. If you're not feeling well, then this line will clearly convey it.
  9. My geode must be acknowledged
    You got this cool geode but Santa's Little Helper is hogging up all the attention. Stand up and ask for the acknowledgment!