(I wrote this while I was on tour and it got lost in my drafts)
  1. My girlfriend, family, and a few other humans
  2. My dog and cat
  3. Waking up before noon
  4. Basic food preparation like toasting bread or using a microwave
  5. Exercise and other good habits
  6. Going to the grocery store
  7. Having a job
  8. Walking the dog
  9. Mail
  10. Amazon.com
  11. Mexican food
  12. Mexican people
  13. The pants I could be wearing instead of the pants I have been wearing
  14. Not being in the green room
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  15. Silence
  16. Making my own schedule or plans
  17. Driving a normal sized car
  18. The ceiling above my bed
  19. Sleeping in the same bed two nights in a row
  20. Sleeping next to shannon (not my tour manager Clark)