idk man it's a cool idea
  1. Sarah and me. starting off the year right. this is from a p intense photoshoot done on my laptop in my kitchen. so incredibly happy to have her in my life
  2. the first picture ever taken of me and my then partner. p cute. this whole day was p cute and brings back blushy memories that make me giggle. we were good for a lil bit.
  3. a v important picture of drunk me being v v v excited about this giant bear.
  4. throwback to when i had box braids. this was a v good day. i also was wearing overalls and a bra which was my farm hoe aesthetic.
  5. back in Phoenix after a year at hamp. with Sarah. of course. as always.
  6. Father's Day. June. my dad. we look alike. except i'm light af. we ate a nice lunch before this.
  7. tbh one of my favorite pictures of myself tbh. i'm laughing so hard and this is probably the moment when i decided nothing about my aesthetic is about being pretty.
  8. plane rides to a place (and person) i thought of as home. a place that is now v much not home. a hard trip.
  9. September. the river. a friend I reconnected with took this. before we got rly drunk. a good time.
  10. eyeliner wings. a new phone. eyebrows on fleek. a month of reclamation. both of my nostrils are pierced in this.
  11. i'm laughing. my best friend took this. i'm wearing my out of this binary shirt bc i'm nonbinary af. good shit.
  12. a sunset. the sun will rise tomorrow. beginnings are here. i will grow and change and burn up and exist again. existing is cool. love Phoenix skies and smoking on my lunch breaks and the idea that my body will one day not know the way your hands feel. any of your hands. any of my body.