& why i got them (in order)
  1. this was my Greek name in high school (pronounced row-ay). it means rushing river and when my Greek name gave my senior tribute speech, he said it was appropriate bc i am torrential. a reminder to never let that go.
  2. i tend to make drastic moves. across the country & back in a year. i tend to be a fan of leaving and this is a reminder that i don't always have to. also, a request to everyone who touches me: please stay.
  3. it's pretty. my restless ocean heart.
  4. an envelope. for all the letters i never sent. did it myself.
  5. a jail bird. matching with the person i was arrested with in Baltimore. we did them on each other. (i'm the right)
  6. their name on my ass. we were bored and i thought it would be funny. i can always change it to trash.
  7. a cross on my finger. on my middle finger, to remind me of Jesus when i'm angry. (next to my envelope.)
  8. crossed arrows by my coworker. it's a cliche tattoo, but cute. i love how dotty it is.
  9. on the backs of my arms right above my elbow. the last lines of one of my favorite poems (mouthful of forevers by clementine von radics) are "i will love you when you are a still day. i will love you when you are a hurricane." a reminder to love my bipolar brain in manic & depressive stages. also of what love really is.
  10. a message to everyone who touches me and everyone who has touched me, esp. without my consent. a letter to my abusers, over some scars from one.
  11. the word home on my thigh over some scars. my best friend did it bc her hands make everything safe and i want my body to be safe again. a step in my recovery.
  12. and the most recent: the word dear on my right forearm. one of my best friends and i used to write letters to each other in high school and so she tattooed the word dear in my arm in memory of that lol. she's adding a comma soon.