i'm in a love hate relationship with my job
  1. i thought i worked at 1 instead of 2 and showed up an hour early
  2. my manager was still mad at me for our bad close Wednesday night
    which might have involved me spilling 2 liters of mocha into the ice bin and causing us to close half an hour late yikes
  3. i got to be in drive !! and i love drive !!
  4. when i put the headset on and started taking orders, one of my coworkers who was also wearing a headset said that i didn't know how happy she was to hear my voice
    and i hate my voice so i almost cried
  5. i drank lots !! of tea !! with honey !! and didn't smoke any cigarettes so my throat feels better
    also Sbux sick drink: grande size hot tea, 4 honeys, steamed lemonade, one peach tranquility and one jade citrus mint. it will save ur life. and ur throat.
  6. the girl i ended up closing with was rly nice and told me funny stories
  7. she also told me she was dating our manager which i had known but also i knew it was a secret so it was nice to hear her admit it.
  8. we closed early !! and it was super easy and i got everything prepped
  9. i spilt chocolate chips everywhere right before we closed but got em cleaned easily
  10. this list is so lame but here !! is how the last 9 hours of my life were !! enjoy !!