These are the actors who would portray the people in the story of my life probably titled "TOM ENGELEN: Was he really a Dr.?"
  1. Tom- probably go with a pros pro so Randy Quaid or Dudley Moores reanimated corpse
  2. Dad- Kato Kaelin lets get that guy some work
  3. Mom- Honey Boo Boo's mom want to see what this would be like (no offense mom)
  4. Brother- Wee-man or Mini-me from Austin Powers whichever one is available and alive
  5. Count Dracula- Scott Bakula, cause Bakula sounds like Dracula and I have noticed that the Internet thinks Scott Bakula is funny
  6. Grandparents- Kathy Bates Morgan Freeman John Travolta and Kate Upton
  7. Jeff my strong friend- Ian Ziering
  8. Rick my other strong friend- Rhonda Rousey (feminism bro's)
  9. Jake the cool guy- anyone with a leather jacket and a motorcycle
  10. Terri my estranged wife- Ms. Piggy
  11. Rafalca Monroe my nurse?- Elvira
  12. Uncle Moustache- Alex Trebek
  13. Teacherbot5000 my robot teacher/side kick- Raven Symone
  14. Johnny the bully- Scott Auckerman
  15. College professor from Temple University- Bill Cosby
  16. Kris Smartman sodomist- E from entourage
  17. Sexy dinosaurs- Dreama Walker, Vin Diesel, Mary Kay Letourneau, Zach Braff
  18. Horny teen- MORE ZACH BRAFF!!!!!!