I'm totally going to die in the real world.
  1. My own laundry
    I have a theoretical knowledge, but could I do it on my own? Probably not.
  2. Make my own bed
    I just place all the blankets and sheets so that it looks done. Same thing, right?
  3. Cook for myself
    Not even pasta.
  4. Use a broom
    Just kidding! I know how...now.
  5. Straighten my own hair
    This one isn't my fault. My hair goes practically to my butt. If I tried, I would definitely dislocate my shoulder.
  6. Care for children
    Please don't leave me unattended with your child. They will not be the same when I return them
  7. Do dishes
    I probably could figure it out on my own, but eh, why start now?
  8. Drive a car
    I can, just not well. Like, at all. You really don't want to be near me on the road. My death will most likely be from driving in my little VW convertible like a freaking maniac. Did I mention that I failed my vision test?
  9. Handle finances responsibly
    Example: I had @allisonlantagne buy me something fairly inexpensive, but all I had was $100 bills at home, so I just sort of handed it to her. This is why I always lose at monopoly.
  10. Literally anything necessary to be an adult
    This is what happens when your mother grew up with maids doing everything. Chores are awful. Life is scary.