i figured out the Game of Thrones formula by which the show forges its success. "dragons?" nope "thrones x game??" no! The 10 episode structure of each of the show's 6 seasons. this strict adherence has made now a refined program; but not without its patterns. so i will rank SxE01-10 thusly. "season-by-season does a tv show build its kingdom" —me
  1. 6
    Yes. In general, EPISODE 6S ARE THE BEST EPISODE of a season of Game of Thrones. Bring on the angry comments!!! CHARLATANS will tell you that this is the point in the average GoT season where the action slows down/show meanders bla bla bla. What do i think? That this is usually an episode where we get to see the show sing!!!! 2nd half of season now but plenty of time to spare so let's take the scenic route; there's some real messed up shit to see that way
  2. 8
    If 9 is the appetizer to 10's main course then 8 is the apéritif!!! what i'm saying is like if 9 sets up the finale i find 8 more interesting in contextualizing that process. like you know there's gonna be a battle but first they gotta go to it but before that they kill a bunch of ppl so they can leave where they are to go head there next episode (e09), or whatever.
  3. 1
    the season premiere babyyyyyyyy who doesn't love Game of Thrones season premiere night???? not me for sure. i don't not love episode 1s of Game of Thrones seasons usually. find out what happened to all that ambiguous stuff in that fucking episode 10 (more on that later...) of the previous season, too. Plus the series premiere was also an episode 1 (of season 1)!
  4. 3
    Usually a really solid episode. action/narrative starts to ramp up a lot but you're right there with them! Like hitting your stride on a brisk run. & something super crazy usually happens at the end of this one, right? think so
  5. 9
    The thing about episode 9 is the episode after it is the season finale (e10). so lots of shit happens. action packed episode, 9! stuff there's no time for in the finale. but to make the bridge from episode 8 to 10? not the small feat it seems because it's gotta be good, too! see that's why YOU don't make game of thrones. unless you do. lots of tv people on li.st app smh
  6. 5
    some math: after this episode the season's 50% over 😭😭😭😭 bittersweet right? good thing episode 5s are usually decent. similar to episode 6 i suppose. but without that je ne sais quoi imo
  7. 4
    spent a lot of time between putting episode 4 or episode 7 here. tough decision but episode 4 wins by a hair i think because of the momentum carried from 3, wouldn't you say? & though 7 follows the greatest ep of the season (6) it somehow has trouble living up to that. again, tough decision, & despite its position there have been some fantastic episode 7s over the seasons don't get me wrong
  8. 7
    read above for my opinion on episode 7s (& episode 4s)... actually, as they sit in diametrically opposing positions of the Game of Thrones season one could make a case for episodes 4s & 7s really having much in common, or perhaps just existing within the season as the polar binary in union, more entangled than any other 2 episodes of the GoT S!!!!! neither mid-season nor either end. episodes 7/4 are like the yin & yang of the GoT season basically. i'm not explaining it well, i know
  9. 2
    motherfuck episode 2! episode 1 is always phenomenal but then episode 2 is like everyone walking around the castle tired going man episode 1 was crazy wasn't it?
  10. 10
    episode 10s suck!!!!! when e10 ends so does its respective s!!! we want more GoT S's & E's, Mr. R.R. Martin!!!!! :)