dream in 10 movements

i had a dream that happened in 10 'movements' and immediately wrote them down when i woke up
  1. 1. in town raining at ruby tuesday
    it is raining chris sara some others & i get together we went to ruby tuesday with brian the town is already flooded and i order his favorite dish then forget to take it home i order one of the drinks for the souvenir cups and finish it
  2. 2. book store gerbil
    a book store with a pet gerbil the employee leaves cute instructions
  3. 3. my roommate's family
    my roommate gets pregnant and suddenly her whole family is there half (most) are from central america and her mother is from europe immediately i sense a palpable, complex network of bonded disdain
  4. 4. ms. liz phair
    liz phair taught us things. with lena & friends we're looking at electronics, looking at our art and comparing it to the 90s liz asked us why we don't wear leather bunny ears anymore. i'm explain these drawings of houses that i turn into large sentences of moving creatures
  5. 5. seeing the answering machine
    we went to a party where the answering machine didn't stop beeping i press every button trying to turn it off and i see the owners kissing in the corner people in the dark talk endlessly i have to click on the dimmest light to see these dark buttons and it's too much
  6. 6. elevator switch & signs
    the elevator had a switch covering a hole in the door and a sign explaining it was out of order and a sign explaining that that sign was unnecessary (because the door still worked and the elevator only had trouble stopping)
  7. 7. bushwick
    i stop at a huge traffic jam in an industrial part of town trucks trying to pass thru and guys talking about deliveries they have to make other guys shut them up while they politely ask the cops how much longer this will take it has been hours and even though they have nowhere to go they have to go
  8. 8. #dating
    there is a taping of a dating show the guests are no one we have heard of except for a very famous music group from the 90s my nametag has the name of a dating site on it only an arbitrary association with how i got my ticket
  9. 9. the players
    i am in a japanese video game and i am keeping up with the 2 heroines who are faster than me and the other guy but i know their songs and their moves even though i make many mistakes i beat him and on the tower he falls off the rope and blows up
  10. 10.
    we were in a korean district strange musicians and the shopowners close up at the end of the night i go up and down with a cigarette in my hand they wait in the steaming restaurants around the protected tables still wearing their white paper masks and hats or just taking them off in the pallid green they lament the way that places like 신도시 and other hangouts have been transformed by politics i just want to hang out with people and watch the tv show but they turned the tv off