writing that i mostly forget but kind of like. hasty & over-descriptive in my half-sleeping race against dream memory
  1. she laughs ('you and everyone else').
  2. fruiting plants dripping sweetened drops that fall to the soft but unstained and draining ground.
  3. i think about atlanta.
  4. somehow it is a music business.
  5. i remember and consider seeing. there had just been a fight in a video game. music-themed? as food went cold.
  6. i want to play a liz phair song right now.
  7. teri only has some time for such fun until she starts weeping. why?
  8. i see the red&blue siren through the brightly-lit peach silk curtains in what is suddenly my home.
  9. the window rolls down and i can tell the person inside was crying.
  10. the hand is in a black leather glove.