and long jumbled thoughts about them
  1. slint - spiderland
    subject of a good recent lance bangs documentary that still managed to leave intact the mystique (louisville ky teenagers, product of mental illness, abrupt subsequent breakup, uncanny sound that history and other artists haven't really weathered in 20 years since) a favorite album i hear and think about often. very scary which is one emotional quality in music i think is hard to capture or at least retain
  2. pc music vol 1
    i love pc music. my thoughts on it alone could make an entire list! basically an internet label of faceless pop acts with names like Kane West and Lipgloss Twins. run by a.g. cook who seems to be behind most of them. it's the first album (a compilation of their singles) which they just released it on itunes. fun, funny (i mean it) and weird with smart lyrics in a pop/dance style. as edgy as anything. subversive has to stop meaning 'underground'. get it it just came out!!
  3. the tough alliance - a new chance
    similar to pc music in that TTA and their label sincerely yours are mysterious but make ostensibly high-production pop. profound lyrics made for pop music delivery. they avoided speaking outside their music and then disappeared. my theory is that this album is supposed to be a pop music divine text from God's mouth like the qur'an. the original version sampled the islam call to prayer but they got threats for it. i find this album uplifting and relatable.
  4. books - thought for food
    because i'm listening to "read, eat, sleep" right now, a song w a great message (read, eat, sleep) and it has samples from the scripps national spelling bee! (full disclosure i placed 238th in the 2003 big deal). good, erudite sample-based/acoustic pop music
  5. stars of the lid - and their refinement of the decline
    why did i think of this? i guess because it is another transcendent-type experience. very long album of relaxing ambient music but so sublime that it isn't boring. evokes the feeling i think one would get if they bumped into a sunset by accident.
  6. [bonus #6] u2 - zooropa
    i think of just the randomest things