i forgot to do this sorry @helytimes !!! i think i waited, thinking i should pick the Top 5 then just saw again & this time realized how unquantifiable or rankable this is in particular. thanks for phrasing it that way; my bad. i suppose these will do but music lists always excite me & seem to not make me angry when titled like this:)
  1. the velvet underground - loaded
    it's my favorite vu album & i think it's the most successful at what lou reed wanted to achieve, subversion in pop, my favorite kind of music!!!reason it's underrated yet: ppl talk 2 much abt the other albums i think from impulse to regard radical music as surface experimentalism e.g. dissonant sound etc. vs the real emotional dissonance that this album gets – most of that band's plain best music seducing u into a chokehold of feelings: insidious, lovely, plain disturbing... all full of heart
  2. liz phair - exile in guyville
    liz phair is a geniusgeniusgenius her music is brilliant but ppl talked this one into a caricature which i think is wack bc no one recording now i hear is like her (maybe mitski?). the praise was pretty surface don't read reviews which r basically feverish, just listen, music crit guyville gave her #1 album & called it a year... i heard this this summer & can't stop listening to her. 'guyville' is angry but w/ complexity 2 reason... she's good enough to make a CD that'll outsmart most dudez bro
  3. kate bush - hounds of love
    i don't gotta say much abt side 1 (all the singles e.g. 'running up that hill', 'hounds of love', 'cloudbusting'...) but ppl should listen to suite that makes up side 2 if they've not heard it, 'The Ninth Wave' 😪😴😤😭😮🙌😂
  4. pet shop boys - behaviour
    maybe i m a pop nerd bc idk if this is so up there rly i'm 1 month younger than it so idk but i love PSB & after an album of 6 depressing dance trax this one goes everywhere & (as seems to be this list's theme) is an album too complicated for talk. some music has untranslatable meaning & the abundance of discourse around music has changed the way we view things that u can *only* listen to & unravel in that speed. sound. each song has its story & shows how much the (pet shop) 'boys have 2 say....
  5. kanye west - my beautiful dark twisted fantasy
    listen to this again if you have 68 & a half minutes to be one less voice in his head. understand the man. or try to. listen