the 42nd year of rob xgau and pazz + jop! 2014 so now i will share my album picks and the overall winners. i officially recommend you these
  1. CEO - Wonderland
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    Overall: D'Angelo - Black Messiah. That's just not fair. Wonderland is good too! CEO is a Swedish ex-member of my favorite pop band the Tough Alliance, who spoke in divine terms vague lyrics very very uplifting/inspiring but also kind of trenchant. spiteful of weakness. They met as rival gang leaders in middle school. Now dead(?), the cute one is gone so it's just Eric Berglund, CEO. They were like 2 prophets and this is still so good and catchy but he sings more vulnerably, like lost alone
  2. JJ - V
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    Overall: Run the Jewels - Run the Jewels 2. Well you know El-P and Killer Mike have a lot to tell us, but JJ - V is something else! Girl+boy pop band on the same label as TTA, CEO. they sing like lovers. i saw them and sometimes he would stop playing to go kiss her. these lyrics are still so uplifting but grounded, in touch. i didn't think this would be so good. it's so good. track 1 calls back their great 1st album by PLAYING ITS 1st track as a sample! and later she quotes Face/Off
  3. PC Music - PC x Disown Radio Ft. A.G. Cook, GFOTY, Danny L Harle, Lil Data, Nu New Edition, and Kane West
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    Overall: The War on Drugs, Lost in the Dream. Oh hell naw! This is way more interesting, definitely the pick I think most representative of this generation, now. It's not actually an album but a 1 hour mix of 6 10 minute mixes. There is a reason Eric Wareheim loves this... The label 'takes over' the Red Bull station, has a really frantic set of 6 artists in one hour 10 minutes each exactly. Songs are great but this also has like ads and weird bumpers mixed in. GFOTY is so "nutty" i love her part
  4. Untold - Black Light Spiral
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    Overall: St. Vincent - St. Vincent. Actually you should probably just listen to that. Untold is good, really interesting ex-dubstep producer when it was young, he made weird songs with the craziest sounds, plunks and bends and knocks and flaps! Now he is more 4/4 techno dance style if anything. But he always makes such interesting dance music to me. I am bored of a lot of electronic now, too homogenous. this is disturbing but cool/fun. it is dark and scary but in dance music i crave the foreign
  5. Ramzi - Bebités
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    Overall: FKA Twigs - Lp1. Okay she's great i know ok she did really good on the brit awards and she loves Robert Pattinson fine. Anyway someone new. random find on Soundcloud. this girl makes such weird, bouncy, fun 'tropical' alien sounding dance. there is a beat...but it sounds like hitting fruits and weird chirping and screaming it's awesome. each song could play in different clubs in places you never heard of. I met her since she wanted help to play a show in nyc, she has a mischievous grin!
  6. Arca - Xen
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    Overall: Sturgill Simpson - Metamodern Sounds in Country Music. Oh f that. Listen. it was weird as f when kanye west said Arca would produce on Yeezus. and then the songs were weird as f. and now Arca will perform and collaborate with Björk. wtf? he is so weird. now he has a full length. So hard to predict this music or get a grasp of it, but it is clearly influenced by pop and other music that makes sense. Like a comic he knows new ways to surprise you and sharply avoids every cliché you expect
  7. GFOTY - Secret Mix
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    Overall: Taylor Swift - 1989. Okay. Taylor is good but that's no fun. this is a 9-minute Soundcloud mix from the aforementioned Girlfriend of the Year! This is music straight from inside this girl's head. Another great fun pop+dance artist but there is something way off, actually, a lot, the percussive bubbles and flexible sound and her voice pitched so high so she sounds like a maniac over and over saying personal things with her impatient focus visiting so many new places with their own songs
  8. Sun Kil Moon - Benji
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    Overall: Angel Olsen - Burn Your Fire for No Witness. Never heard it. I think someone told me it's good though. ANYWAY Sun Kil Moon is like my favorite guitar music. Everyone thought his first album was the best but now this new one is so cool and stuff. It is a lot about dying and death. very beautiful, lots of touching lines that make you wonder why Mark Kozelek acts so rude. i love the song "micheline" it just visits a bunch of minor stuff from childhood he remembers but fixates on still.
  9. Sendai - A Smaller Divide
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    Overall: Spoon - They Want My Soul. I haven't heard that album. I did like Spoon a lot when i was younger. And 99.99% chance you will prefer that to this album. It is weird electronic dance music. It's a collaboration between Peter van Hoesen a (great) techno producer and Yves de Mey a sound artist whatever it doesn't matter because this is just weird techno that 'breaks the rules' or whatever that would get immediately shut off at every club in the world save like three. trust me i've djed this
  10. Palmistry - Ascensión
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    Overall: Against Me! - Transgender Dysphoria Blues. Against who? Moving on. i love Palmistry. i saw him last night. Very spare dancehall/r&b type music. He sounds very sad and the lyrics are good. it always seems that he is in a bare/vulnerable state. there is just the lightest instrumentation to accompany his lonely sound. check out his songs Catch and Protector. i am charmed. he gives you his life. even when he looks too desperate hey he is kind of sweet:) so that's it thx for reading
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