and i would if i could. so if any one of you has connections, contact info etc. please let me know in the comments
  1. ed sheeran
    inspiration of this list and i would gladly beat up every shitty pop star who similarly sings cancer into our ears.
  2. justin bieber
    an obvious suggestion but i think i could be the one to at last beat some manners up into him.
  3. kermit the frog
    beat him up as an example to the other muppets. don't fuck w/ the Chuns + Grandfathered — at 8pm tuesday nights on FOX!
  4. drake
    he should be beat up but of course he would get back up. n.b. not because of the music. no hard feelings w/ this one
  5. drake bell
    josh peck was so nice and cool when we talked! but drake is a transphobic has-been. and i beat up those types.
  6. ben carson
    but first i will consider whom he suggests i beat up instead
  7. poacher dentist
    i would beat him up in the manner that the lion surely would have. roar
  8. the guy who raised the price of the hiv drug
    martin whatever. i've read what he has to say but stand by my decision to beat him up every time daraprim couldn't be afforded since in the name of good!
  9. internet trolls
    people who leak private info, egg on acts such as murder, who drive others to suicide etc. because that really is the one comfort enabling them in their remote privacy: avoiding getting beat up.
  10. isis
    trust me; should i beat them up, they would lay down their weapons & end the terror.
  11. jared fogle
    although here is one whom i think other folks will handle the eternal beating up of.
  12. robin thicke
    have i missed something? has he not yet been beat up? must i take care of this? uggggghh fine
  13. both chainsmokers at once
    i published this list a long time ago. i am now a stronger fighter & i can take 2 ppl at once, MUCH LESS the fuckin pissed-down-depressEDM softboy snapchat-hitmakers of the Chainsmokers. won't need to try. will prob just have to deal w/ some lawyers. just saying i can fight more than 1 man at once by now.
  14. i'll fight halsey, too
    that song is violence-inducing noise-poison. i swear