at least i remember taking these sweet piczZ
  1. i assume he's not going where i am
    saturday night on the subway no one has the same plans
  2. convenient shadow on subway ad
    the kind of thing that seems racist but like w/e smh
  3. gonna see this soon actually
    heard it's a masterpiece
  4. every weekend
    my card was the 8 of diamonds
  5. cutout lover
    one of many bands my friend/ex-bandmate is in. so fun. sexist dudez think the singer is wack
  6. cable & lemon
    still life, 2016
  7. i don't remember this AT ALL
  8. tek no mu zik
    the party was in the back but i had to admire this laser for awhile look at the thing
  9. "smoke in the kitchen"
    "we don't want the cops to come"
  10. ashole friend photobombed me into beautiful foggy greenpoint at 4am💣🚍