songs that are making everything else in the world less important to me. i will keep updating this, i think that should work. wanna hear it? then search youtube or soundcloud, dummy. Artist - Title
  1. GFOTY - Take a Picture
    warning [EXPLICIT] this is so fun. i love this girl(friend of the year). she is crazy. some young british pop/bass producers like her seem to be playing roles with their music, kind of parody/send-up? don't think I ever laugh to 'comedy music' but i have to her weird pop lyrics. this stuff will use like 10000 pop 'tropes' (yes airhorn obv) per song and it's tasteful yet creative. the character her music paints would be a decent movie role or something. she's bloody mad! this is the least of it.
  2. Palmistry - Catch
    Spanish boy making me cry with this sweet talk
  3. Palmistry - Protector SE5
    ditto..."baby they say i'm a know i'm only joking...when i'm with you"
  4. Kanye West - Only One (feat. Paul McCartney)
    wtf so beautiful paul is still alive?
  5. Sophie - Bipp (A.G. Cook Edit)
    A.G. can give a meaningless song meaning
  6. Pet Shop Boys - Left to My Own Devices
    one of their longer dancey tracks. loving passively. pet shop boys rule