the 2nd band i ever loved and my 1st rock concert. my obsession peaked in 5th grade (2002) before creeping onto the next bands, which is why these are all older songs
  1. across the sea
    best weezer song!! creepy and needy like most of pinkerton but that's drowned out by a favorite theme of mine: the idea that one is just far displaced from their soulmate and the helplessness of no reasonable way to settle that. the saddest. worked for they might be giants, neutral milk hotel, bobby darin etc etc. i just saw the great Tsai Ming-Liang movie What Time is it There and felt that pain again which even slight affection can grow to when thinking of ocean-scale separation.
  2. the world has turned and left me here
    again i like the helpless feeling evoked with global terminology. also the guitar is great, feels like winds stirring around you in the center of it
  3. el scorcho
    i can sing this. it was just fun and cool for pre-teen me. it's like my bohemian rhapsody, since i don't like that song, but i think i enjoy el scorcho for that kind of reason. another overwhelming song
  4. undone
    i love the party dialogue at the start. this got me really into them. charming and the lyrics were funny for me. i think this was the first weezer i heard, from a mix my brother @danny had made me
  5. jamie
    pretty light song compared to the others but one of their best melodies i think and it is cute that this song, you eventually find out, was written for their lawyer. makes me smile
  6. private message
    confusing and possibly fucked up lyrics. but i like them, a lot of the words are strangely homophonic with two plausible meanings (i can't give up on my secret deed/deep, this love is so empty when you can/can't cheat) and trying to look cool, not another "dumb horny guy". questionable values. but this was another super well-written one hook-wise even though it was only ever released on their website just after Maladroit