1. 2014: we rented a bar in the loop for cheapo
    lots of great dancing and some drama
  2. 2012: apartment party above gepperth's meat market with fancy booze
    great party. [name redacted] had sex in the bathroom with a northwestern football player which was a) exciting and b) frustrating, because there was only one bathroom
  3. 2011: at this point everyone in my group of friends was 21 so we all paid a ridiculous amount of money to go to john barleycorn and get hit on by guidos
    I did meet a very nice midget.
  4. 2010: started classes the next day so Laura and I sat in a hotel in Waterville, Maine and went to bed at 12:20
    when you go to school in Waterville, Maine, there's not much nightlife to seek out in situations like this
  5. 2009: on a plane to thailand
    as a sentimental person who likes to keep track of what happens every NYE at midnight, this was stressful because the plane kept crossing over time zones as the clock was striking midnight in each area.
  6. 2008: in abby's parents basement
    lots of ex-boyfriend drama but I was wearing a leather skirt and sparkly leggings which I still think of fondly
  7. 2007: in molly's parents basement
    all fun and games until we had to get someone's puke out of the carpet
  8. 2006: no recollection whatsoever of nye 2006
    except for the fact that we went to ihop at 2am, which was 👌
  9. 2005: surprise! another basement party! (sarah fi's)
    this was my first year drinking and there was lots of MD 20/20 present
  10. 2004: wandering around evanston
    this one was tame af
  11. 2003: my mom and I made Swedish pancakes
    with lingonberry sauce
  12. 1990-2002: no idea
  13. 1989: my dad thought it was a good idea to put champagne in my bottle and I did NOT enjoy it
    so it seems that not much has changed