1. My 61 year old mother joined the Peace Corps in March.
    This is so cool and I'm very proud of her.
  2. I knew it would be a wild experience for her and she would do magnificent things.
    Such as working as the Peace Corps Liaison for USAID in Albania, which is a pretty high powered job for an incoming PCV.
  3. What I did not anticipate was that being in the Peace Corps with a bunch of 24 year olds would turn her into a 24 year old.
  4. The first indication of this was adding lots of letters to the end of her words.
    She is still doing this as of 10 hours ago.
  5. There was some of this.
    Additional millennial points for loving Chance the Rapper.
  6. And this.
  7. While she has yet to use "literally" to mean "figuratively," there is a lot of over exaggeration happening.
    "Kira, I'm freaking out!!!!" / "It was soooooo gross!" / "Zzzzzzzzz can't talk I'm sleeping zzzzzzz"
  8. Emoji stories!
  9. Karaoke fun.
  10. Selfies
  11. Watching this unfold has been fascinating.
    Especially because the 24 year olds in her program call her "Cool Aunt Sue."
  12. Her 61 year old self does still emerge! This is nice because I'm her daughter and like to be reminded that I have a mom.
    Normal 61 year old behaviors include texting me "gay marriage" (no context) after the SCOTUS decision, emailing me lengthy Myers Briggs articles that apply to my friends' types, sending me eCards (?), having poor eyesight.