Being 25 and back at summer camp is interesting
  1. Wore a panda mascot costume and spoke only in haikus
  2. Called nerf guns "nerf blasters" because guns are bad
  3. Regularly grilled burgers for 300 people while wearing swim goggles
  4. Dressed up as Mrs. Peacock and spoke in a Katherine Hepburn voice while trying to explain the rules of rock paper scissors
  5. Was told by a 9 year old "You look younger than 25 and trust me that's a good thing."
  6. Almost got attacked by a raccoon gang at 2am
  7. Celebrated days of the week accordingly
    Monochromatic Monday / Twin Tuesday / Wacky Wednesday / Thesaurus Thursday / Flannel Friday
  8. Dressed up as Theo Saurus, the sheepish but smart dinosaur who loves synonyms
    this was for Thesaurus Thursday if that wasn't already clear
  9. Did the whip and nae nae while waterskiing
  10. Instead of being upset about the mouse in my cabin, I learned to love him and named him "Tiny"
  11. Counted 11 frogs in the kybo
    If frogs are the sign of a good ecosystem, what does this mean about our kybos?