Inspired by @andersun
  1. Law & Order
    The original series. All outdoor scenes were filmed in New York City. As someone who grew up here and has been on jury duty four times! I can tell you they just about nailed the way detectives and assistant district attorneys look and sound. Particularly in the first few seasons. Plus many cameos by famous New Yorker newscasters, lawyers and other notables.
  2. Seinfeld
    The one thing that is not realistic is that Jerry, George and Kramer all have cars. It makes no sense. Parking is extremely expensive, street parking is impossible and honestly unless you live in the outer boroughs you really don't need a car. But despite that and not filming in NYC they managed to capture Manhattan life very well. Tiny apartments, roommates, take out food, trips upstate or the Hamptons, boutiques and the coffee shop. 💯
  3. Broad City
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    Not only is this show hilarious. It is all filmed in NYC with tremendous detail to the struggling under 30 set. Their budget, clothes, dating, jobs, crazy roommates, eating out and trying to have fun are 💯 NYC. Bonus points for the Hillary cameo.
  4. Sex and the City
    Okay. We all know Carrie could never afford that apartment and all those clothes. But the street life, party/club scenes, restaurants, fashion shows, girl talks on park benches, farmers market, shopping trips and brunch were all filmed in New York City. Bonus points for the Staten Island episode.
  5. Will & Grace
    Sadly not actually filmed in NYC and I swear they never went outside but just a really funny show.
  6. Honorable mentions
    How I Met Your Mother, The Mindy Project, Difficult People, NYPD Blue, 30 Rock, Girls,Friends, The King of Queens and Mad about You.
  7. Newbies
    The Detour, Search Party, Master of None and Crashing.
  8. Classics
    The Odd Couple, The Jeffersons and Fame.