Inspired by @jeremysomething
  1. While getting a Brazilian wax-1
    You get use to it.
  2. When I have blood drawn-always.
    Needles freak me out.
  3. Watching Porn. -0
    I am usually just trying to follow along with the plot.
  4. Trying on swimsuits- Yes
  5. I just got my hair blown out and it rained.-1
    I never have an umbrella!
  6. I got my first period while wearing white shorts.-1
    So embarrassed!
  7. During a therapy session.-2
    You get what you pay for.
  8. The day my mom passed away.-0
    I am still working through it. See above.
  9. My first kiss.-1
    I was only 10 yrs old and some 13yr old just grabbed me and kissed! I was so stunned.
  10. When my "skinny" jeans fit again-1
  11. Broken Heart-1