Kind of Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. One of the best sandwiches I ever had is from a place called Mr. Beef.
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  2. Even though I am a New Yorker and we have amazing food here this special sandwich is actually from Chicago.
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    I have traveled to Chicago numerous times and I always get this sandwich.
  3. You have to understand this isn't just a sandwich it is an experience.
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  4. The place is a true hole in the wall.
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    You sit at picnic style tables with strangers or simply stand at a counter to eat. It doesn't matter since no one is talking. But one thing to note is you really have to eat it immediately to truly enjoy it.
  5. But what they lack in fine dining they make up for in an amazing sandwich.
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    Plus great fries and grape soda!
  6. It's tender Italian beef thinly sliced on crispy, chewy hero roll dipped in a heavenly au jus sauce.
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    I have thought of what it would be like to just drink the sauce like soup.
  7. You can get it with lots of classic toppings but it really doesn't need it.
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    Hot or sweet peppers, cheese, sausage, onions etc...
  8. This is not for the weak, the dieting, the neat or the cash strapped. Its cash only.