About to enter the work force. Inspired by @andersun
  1. Giphy
    Keep your expectations low.
  2. Giphy
    You will have to introduce yourself multiple times.
  3. Giphy downsized medium
    Do the best you can with your work wardrobe.
  4. Giphy
    Expect to have at least one bitchy coworker.
  5. Giphy
    Expect criticism, it may be harsh but just roll with it until you get established.
  6. Giphy
    Expect more bad days than good in the beginning.
  7. Giphy
    Expect to eat shit sometimes. 😔 it happens to everyone.
  8. Giphy
    Learn to work with others. Lots of different personalities, moods and work styles. Try to work with them not against them.
  9. Giphy
    Don't give excuses to your boss. Just tell them when it will be done.
  10. Giphy
    You will have to get someone coffee. Eventually one day someone will get you coffee so remember these days.
  11. Giphy
    Keep making suggestions and offering ideas. Don't get discouraged.
  12. Giphy
    When the shit hits the fan stay calm. No crying in public. Find a private spot (restroom) splash water on your face and get back to work. You will be fine.
  13. Giphy
    You will feel like this at least once a month in the beginning. It's normal.
  14. Giphy
    Good luck! It gets better.