Requested by @mallofamanda
  1. Giphy
    When you are clueless.
  2. Giphy
    When you are in awe.
  3. Giphy
    Haven't had coffee yet.
  4. Giphy
    There you go.
  5. Giphy
    Feeling frisky.
  6. Giphy
    Running errands.
  7. Giphy
    The Holidays.
  8. Giphy
    New Years!
  9. Giphy
    January 2nd
  10. Giphy
    GroundHog Day.
  11. Giphy
    Working on your garden.
  12. Giphy
    Exploring new territory.
  13. Giphy
    Having a
  14. Giphy
    Bad day.
  15. Giphy
    Friday night.
  16. Giphy
    Taking up Bike riding.
  17. Giphy
    Having fun.
  18. Giphy
    Trying to flirt.
  19. Giphy
    Describing your sole mate.
  20. Giphy
    Saying I love you.
  21. Giphy
    Saying Goodbye.
  22. Giphy
    Attending a funeral.
  23. Giphy
    When you need a friend.
  24. Giphy
    Just because.