Discover the story behind Staten Islands most compelling mystery.

The Staten Island Ferry Disaster....⛴🐙
  1. On the morning of November 22nd 1963 the Cornelius G. Kolff ferry disappeared. Eye witness accounts describe large tentacles which pulled the ferry beneath the surface only a short distance from its destination the Whitehall terminal in lower Manhattan.
  2. The only logical conclusion scientists and officials could point to was that the ferry had been attacked by a massive octopus roughly half the size of the ship.
  3. Adding to the tragedy, is that this disaster went almost completely unnoticed by the public as later that day another more newsworthy tragedy took place when president JFK was assassinated.
  4. To honor those lost and educate the public about the only known giant octopus attack in the tri state area a memorial has been placed in Battery Park in Manhattan.
  5. For more information on the event and to visit the Staten Island Ferry Disaster Memorial Museum please go to
  6. T-shirts are available to purchase on the website.
  7. Hopefully by now you have guessed that this is indeed an elaborate hoax. Created by artist Joe Reginella as a multimedia art project and social experiment in NYC.
  8. The directions to the SI Ferry Disaster Memorial Museum actually just take you to the Snug Harbor Cultural center in Staten Island. Which has a really nice botanical garden that allows dogs.