First of all don't sweat this! Anything is fine by me. 😀 If you need help please see my list below.
  1. If you make stuff cool.
    Handmade is 💯 🖌✂️✏️🎨 🔨
  2. If you don't make stuff it's cool.
    I don't either. Just don't have the skills.
  3. Anything from the drugstore/supermarket/ gas station check out and pay area is cool.
    You know the Chapstick, tissue packets and mints area.
  4. Regifting or recycling is cool.
    Books, stuff you don't like, have duplicates of etc... ♻️
  5. Cards, letters and notes.
    Kind words are always appreciated. 🖊📝🖋✍💌 📜