1. Know what ylang ylang is?
    And why is it used 2x?
  2. Like when my neighbors give me dirty looks and say stupid shit.
    Because Lulu is standing outside their house. She is not pooping! Calm the fuck down!
  3. Think it is a good idea to wake someone up.
    If they are sleeping (adult) let them sleep. They probably need it.
  4. Appreciate when someone uses the pharmacy cashier to pay for non pharmacy items.
    Go to the front registers with your chips, candy and soda and let the rest of us get our prescriptions please!
  5. Get the obsession on @list with Harry Potter. Zzzz. Sorry.
  6. Really understand the Cloud.
    Does anyone really?
  7. Watch award shows.
    I have better ways to waste five hours. Also the entertainment industry is the most self congratulatory group.
  8. Appreciate what I have. I tend to think someone or something else is better.
    This is probably not the case but it's hard to ignore the glossy picture perfect people in my face all day long. Real or fake.