My recommendations to enjoy it are
  1. Be willing to over share.
    To the point where you are emotionally naked.
  2. Be smart, funny or kind.
    Not all three are necessary but helpful.
  3. If you are none of the above just be good looking or a celebrity.
  4. Be willing to list at least once a month, more if you are actually smart or funny.
    But be on at least once a day.
  5. Be willing to give up some % of your life ( preferably work) to focus on list.
    Or school, parenting or social life.
  6. Be willing to become friends with complete strangers who you may never actually meet in person.
    Yet you will feel an instant connection too.
  7. Be willing to accept or ignore criticism in the comments section.
    Gracefully is optional.
  8. Aggressively Read books, watch movies, sports and television and list about them with tremendous passion.
    Defending your opinion to the death in the comments section of course.
  9. Be willing to accept change in the form of updates to the app at the whim of listbot.
    But complaining about them endlessly is not only well received it is encouraged.
  10. Enjoy reading lists that may or may not be good but you continue to read through them anyway to find out.
    You have just done this now.