I feel a pending break up. 🤔😕
  1. New update too flashy. Disturbing and distracting.
    I don't do well with change.
  2. Flood of new listers is overwhelming.
    Too much too soon. I need sleep.
  3. Flood of relisting NEW listers lists.
    Filling my feed with too many lists! I have a day job!
  4. Introducing yourself via list.
    "Listroduce" yourself! Really?!?
  5. Recommend users follow list. No thank you!
    Who is deciding this? Why? And more importantly Who the fuck cares?
  6. Many lists of just NEW listers I should follow and why.
  7. Many lists of old lists that didn't get enough attention when first published.
  8. Account @ donaldtrump 2016 exists and tried to follow me!