Just found my old drafts on the Android li.st version! 📂🍁📤📭
  1. Embarrassment.
    Embarrassing stories about family, friends, coworkers, spouse or yourself.
  2. Dating.
    The good, the bad and the ugly.
  3. Complaining!
    About your significant other, coworkers, boss, kids, or recent list update.
  4. Monthly photos on your phone.
    With brief explanations if needed
  5. Movies you're recently watched.
    Often with reviews, rankings or how often you have rewatched them.
  6. What you are up to or into.
    Current favorites.
  7. Sex.
    Who, what, where, when and why.
  8. Pets.
    Just tons of photos of your pet(s) doing what they do best.
  9. Recent purchases.
    Typically with photos and recommendations.
  10. Television shows.
    With detailed reviews, character hatred and favorite lines.
  11. What you are wearing.
    Outfit of the day, costumes, special occasions etc....
  12. Recent trip/vacation photos.
    The more Instagram worthy the better.
  13. Feelings.
    Love, Death and everything in between.
  14. Music.
    Whatever you are currently spinning.
  15. Books.
    You've read recently and loved.
  16. Q&A
    Looking for answers/suggestions/help.
  17. Food/Drinks.
    What you want to eat, where you ate, can't eat or just cooked and ate. #cravings #daydrinking
  18. Kids.
  19. Anything and Everything Disney.
    Movies, Characters, Songs.
  20. Wild Cards.
    Your mug collection, odd things in your home. Redecorating/Organizing your shit.
  21. Selfies.
    Too many.