"I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen." Lloyd Dobler
  1. Does the "love letter" actually exist anymore? Putting pen or pencil to paper and (gasp) writing words to tell another person that ultimately you love them or at least "like like" them. Between social media, texting and life as we know it I wonder is the "art" of letter writing(especially love letters)sadly fading away?
    'The Love Letter' by Jan Vermeer.
  2. Perhaps in some ways it does still exist, we still type emails (sometimes) and some even write out cards or letters occasionally.
    Giphy downsized medium
    The store Paper Source and the fact that the Post Office is still in business proves this I think.
  3. One summer I passed "notes" in summer school to a special someone, we dated for months.
    But when the relationship ended very badly (my fault) I threw out all the notes/letters in a huge fit of rage. I wanted to bury that summer and never think about this person again.
  4. I once saved several months worth of texts from someone I thought was amazing.
    I put them into a document and I would re-read them over and over again. I know I am an asshole. With once quick click I was able to erase an entire relationship. There were no other signs it even existed at least for me.
  5. I think li.st is in some way a new form of the "love letter" or "love listing" for many of us. We can type out every thought that pops in to our heads about whatever, to whomever and whenever and save or delete it too.
    While the comments section can get ugly at times I like to think most of us either ❤️ or just keep scrolling.
  6. Some inspiration....
    There are so many books, websites, paintings, articles and movies with this theme but here are some of my favorites.
  7. "My Secret Admirer"
    A 1985 teen movie about a love letter that gets passed around from teens to parents causing confusion, fights and chaos. While the movie is very stupid it does get one point across,words on a piece of paper can mean a lot to someone.
  8. "The Love Letter"
    An anonymous love letter gets passed around a sleepy New England town. Each person who finds it immediately assumes it is for them. A sweet, silly yet poorly received movie from 1999 staring Kate Capshaw and Tom Selleck. Special thanks to @angela3950 & @jonmichaelwxyz 😄 for reminding me of this one!
  9. "Others Peoples Love Letters" Edited by @BillShapiro 😄
    The book contains 150 "love letters" from random people all over the US. Typed, hand written, scribbled on napkins, some filled with love some filled with post break up anger. You can't help but keep turning the pages to read the next one. I highly recommend it. Available on Amazon.
  10. The World Needs More Love Letters founded by Hannah Brencher.
    An online letter writing program for those who need words of encouragement. http://www.moreloveletters.com/
  11. "Atonement"
    One passionate letter starts a love affair and a series of events that changes lives. An epic story from the book by Ian McEwan.
  12. "The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown"
    Linus writing his letter of encouragement to the Great Pumpkin. Has there ever been a more sincere letter or pumpkin patch?
  13. "A Modern Guide to the Love Letter" From the right kind of stationary to the wrong kind of metaphor, a how to on the art of epistolary wooing.