My Bell House visit.

As seen or taken last night while attending a Wasabassco Burlesque show. 💋💋💋
  1. Stage before the show.
    Photos of the actual show were not allowed but the theme was "Pirate Booty" ☠
  2. As seen in the ladies room.
    I have not called the number. Hot sauce gives me heartburn.
  3. Another gem from the same stall in the ladies room. Words to live by.
  4. Last night's "booty" @dangrrrdoll via instagram. 🍑💰
  5. Captain of the Pink Pearl Sapphire Jones and the "boat" aka Nasty Canasta @nastycanastanyc via instagram. ⚓️
  6. More bathroom stall photos. "You are who you pretend to be"
    Also we all know by now you don't buy drinks you rent them.
  7. "There's no shame in hiding in the bathroom. Okay there's a little shame."
    Been there.
  8. "Read some sci fi it just may do you some jud"
    Sorry this pic sucks.
  9. Stage just as the show was ending. A pirate booty extravaganza!