The good, the bad, the funny and the ugly. Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Devastated.
    Love using it for dramatic effect ( to get brief attention) for my mundane problems and idiotic complaints.
  2. Shenanigans.
    As in comedic mischief or a great name for a TGIF type restaurant.
  3. Dreadful.
    Another word I use to overly exaggerate and add drama to slightly crappy circumstances and avoid stuff. "The weather outside is simply dreadful."
  4. Juxtaposed.
    My new gym is juxtaposed to my favorite old school Italian bakery. It's a cruel world sometimes.
  5. Busybody.
    Mind your own business! Myself included.
  6. Hijinks.
    Also used to describe any comedic adventures or shenanigans. Real or imagined. Also great name for a bar. "Let's get drinks at Hijinks!"
  7. Malaise.
    "Suffering" from to get out of work or any other tasks I can't deal with.
  8. Caper.
    Either a plot/ scam or those little salty berry things in jars. Both of which I may have "cooked up".
  9. Etymology.
  10. Formidable.
    The squirrel I was feeding from my window proved to be formidable when it jumped on my window sill to gain access to more peanuts. *True story