I ❤️ NY
  1. Toast their bagels.
    This is so wrong on so many levels! A good NY bagel doesn't need to be and should not be toasted.
  2. Watch the "fourth hour" of the Today Show.
    Most don't watch it at all but the fourth hour is just a big hot mess.
  3. Smile very often.
    We are not mean or upset, its just a tough city and you need to have your game face on. 😐
  4. Wait for stuff.
    There are so many options that "waiting" seems pointless.
  5. Visit NYC tourist destinations.
    At least not during peak seasons/times. Exceptions of course are kids on class trips and showing around your visiting friends.
  6. Take Shit.
  7. Become fazed or disturbed too easily.
    One morning on my way to work I saw a women suddenly faint head first on a very narrow subway platform. No one missed a beat. She was picked up and received medical treatment within minutes. I wasn't even late for work.
  8. Take anything for granted.
    We truly know and appreciate what matters most. Trust me.