Some thoughts/comments on this exceptional new movie. **If you don't like to read reviews etc before seeing a movie don't read this list.
  1. Hard core journalism.
    If you ever thought about or are trying to become a news reporter. See this movie.
  2. There were no "fake" Boston accents!
    Those are always so terrible. See the movies "The Departed" and "Good Will Hunting"
  3. Michael Keaton
    Became Walter Robby Robinson. I never thought he was anything but this guy trying to do what is best.
  4. Liev Schreiber's performance is great. Small, yet critical.
    But his heavy beard kept reminding me about his role in X-men Origins: Wolverine.
  5. Impressed with how they kept the movie true to "2001".
    Flip phones, big ( not flat) computer monitors. Old school notebooks and pens. No Facebook or other social media.
  6. 9/11
    Was given a proper mention with out taking away from the subject of the movie.
  7. Victims
    The subject is obviously very sensitive and it was handled very well overall.
  8. As someone who group in the Catholic Church
    I found this harder to watch than expected. I think because it simply happened so easily.
  9. I wonder...
    What our current Pope will think if he watches this movie.