I come back to @list to try and join in on the fun again.
  1. I find I can't shake an account called Top Babes.
  2. Blocked them once and they came right back.
  3. Like a bug you thought you killed.
  4. What's my problem with this account?
    Honestly it is fucking annoying.
  5. It lacks any thought, creativity, humor, truth or beauty.
    PS-Mass following accounts to get followers just won't work here.
  6. More importantly I don't want an account following me that offers a unrealistic, false or biased version of a "babe"
    Why does it matter to me? Because I only want to interact with REAL people. I know who follows me. I actually pay attention to them!
  7. Everyone has there own "babe" or their own view of a babe and there is no such thing as Top Babes.
  8. Babes come in all shapes, sizes and colors and styles. They are bald, fat, short, tall, skinny, purple, nearsighted, allergic to dairy, afraid of the dark and poor spellers.
  9. Everyone can be a babe, like a babe or call someone babe.
  10. Just don't force your top babes on me.
    Don't worry I know who my babes are.