To DJ @BWN_7 for taking all of our requests yesterday! Thanks so much for all your hard work!
  1. "Desperado" by The Eagles.
    "Brett?" "After the song babe." "Huh?" "The song"
  2. "Ah, I think I am on the outs with Brett"
    "What does he listen to the all Desperado station?" "He is just in his own world when he hears that song. It's like I'm sitting in the car... and he is out riding fences."
  3. "He blew out my Witchy Woman and he won't share Desperado. Hey, what d'you think of Oye Como Va?
  4. "Calm down Brett okay, you could have a concussion. Calm down... "Desperado,
    Static You better... Let somebody love you. Let somebody love you."
  5. Hopefully this will meet your Karl Farbman like standards! 😂😄😂
    Have a great day!