I simply had no idea. Please don't judge me.
  1. Patronus
    @sarahgorman made a list of possibilities of her Patronus. Apparently it's some kind of spirit or charm referenced in Harry Potter. Since I have no interest in HP I had no clue but good to know in case it ever comes up in conversation.
  2. Hunter Pence
    I had no clue who this was ( not interested in sports) but the Seinfeld reference caught my attention. Weird to me since he doesn't play for any NY team but anyway Thanks @sportslists
  3. Master of None.
    Sorry I don't know where I read about this maybe not even here. Anyway sounds like a guy version of Sex in the City.
  4. Harvey Danger "flagpole sitta"
    Oh! That song. I knew it but had no idea who performed it. Thank @TheAVClub
  5. Sewer
    The difference between referring to sewer as in sewage and sewer as in one who does sewing. Thanks @neorsd
  6. AHS
    Acronym for the show "American Horror Story" Makes sense now after reading @andycohen list on stuff that happened during one of his book signings.