1. Static
    Because I need to know what a $32 lemon chess pie tastes like. They also have chocolate.
  2. Static
    Because they look really weird.
  3. Static
    I plan to use this as perfume.
  4. Static
    Because they fused the words banana and vanilla together!
  5. Static
    Because everything tastes better in pizza slice shape.
  6. Static
    I just want this for decorative purposes only. It's like if Pottery Barn made alcohol.
  7. Static
    I could use a very low maintenance pet.
  8. Static
    My bottom really needs soothing!
  9. Static
    Because it is so stupid.
  10. Static
    These are for display only. Too pretty. Do not touch.
  11. Static
    I 💜 purple anything.
  12. Static
    I love foraged food.
  13. Static
    It is so much easier to cook road kill pre cleaned. Shit, its out of stock.
  14. Static
    They are described as mesmerizing.