T-shirt addition. All from my dresser. Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Pugs not Drugs.
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    Must love pugs before drugs. T-Shirt by artist Gemma Correll.
  2. The Future is Female.
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    Respects women. T-shirt from Otherwild.
  3. Happy Alone.
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    Appreciates that everyone needs some alone time. T-shirt from Stay Home Club.
  4. Nobody's Perfect.
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    Understands and accepts me for who I am flaws and all. T-Shirt from J.crew.
  5. Old is the New Gold.
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    Wants to grow old together. Treats seniors with respect. T-Shirt by Fanny Karst.
  6. Stay Home Club.
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    Going out is fun but sometimes staying home is "wear" my heart is. T- Shirt from Stay Home Club.
  7. Play Nice.
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    Be a nice person. No bullying! T-shirt by Mother Denim to support the anti bullying Kind Campaign.
  8. Bliss off.
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    Knows how to relax and have fun! T-shirt by Bliss and Mischief.
  9. Something like this but not this.
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    Takes the time to listen to me and let me talk, rant and vent. T-shirt from Urban Outfitters.
  10. Not Guilty.
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    Admit when you are wrong and all is good. T-Shirt from Mother Denim.