The one book I truly love. Inspired by @ListPrompts but really just for me.
  1. Are you there God? It's Me Margaret.
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  2. By Judy Blume.
    Love. Her. Follow her on Twitter! @judyblume
  3. Religion
    Covers all the big questions. Beliefs. Faith. Choices.
  4. Family
    Mom, Dad, Grandparents, conflict, love. It's all there.
  5. Boobs
    Bras. Sizes. When, where, why and how.
  6. Periods
    Getting them and how to deal.
  7. Boys
    Likes, parties, kissing and of course idiots.
  8. Sweaters
    Can you ever have enough? No.
  9. Friends
    PTS group. Like the pre teen version of Sex in the City or The Golden Girls. Much needed.
  10. Sixth Grade.
    That turning point. Where suddenly everything changes.
  11. * One of my favorite lists. 😚