Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Book us a couples massage at Massage Envy.
    So we can make everyone envious right?
  2. Let you punch me.
    Go for it. Gimme your best shot.
  3. Hire someone to hold an umbrella above your head whenever you want.
    They will smell really good too.
  4. Hold your hair or rub your back while you throw up.
    Get you a Pedialyte after.
  5. Write you a list obviously.
    On any topic at any time.
  6. Go with you to your most dreaded medical procedure and have it done at the same time.
    Colonoscopy twins!
  7. Help you move.
    Packing, boxes, tape, loading and unloading, I am all in! Label maker me!
  8. Pick you up from the airport with a sign with your name on it.
    With your standard fake name of course.
  9. Throw you an amazing, kick ass, parents are out of town party.
    Theme- You. Your best selfie on everything including the food, balloons and gift bags.
  10. Take a nap together.
    We may need one after all of this other stuff. Spooning optional.
  11. ******