Total strangers on a daily basis talk to or comment on my dog. I honestly don't understand this so to help me get a handle on it I am of course making a list. For your reference she is a pug named Lulu who is very cute, a little chubby and loves me.
  1. "What a cutie!"
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    I usually just smile and say Thanks.
  2. "Is that a pug?"
    Yes. I don't mind this one but usually it leads to weird follow up questions.
  3. "Can I pet your dog?"
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    The answer is no. Why? Because she simply doesn't like it and neither do I. When I try to explain that she is not big on attention from strangers I get a lot of weird looks and attitude. Sigh.
  4. "Is that the dog from Men in Black?"
    While that movie apparently featured a pug, No Lulu is not the exact same pug from a 10+ year old movie.
  5. "That's a well fed dog"
    Clearly this statement is more towards me and implies I over feed her. To set the record straight -Her vet says she is healthy. She is very active, loves to run and play. She also enjoys food.
  6. "Is that Max?"
    Who? No this is not Max. This is Lulu. I get this question a lot with many different names. I guess people assume they are seeing the same pug over and over again.
  7. "You know your dog is overweight."
    This has been said to me more than once and I have yet to come up with an appropriate response. No one would ever say this about another person, especially a stranger yet saying it about my dog to my face is perfectly fine. Maybe they are trying to be helpful but if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all.
  8. "Where are you off to fatso?"
    This is a new one (about a week ago) said to her while we were out taking a nice evening walk. I tried to ignore it and just forget it. Lulu did but clearly I haven't. 😔
  9. "Mops, mops, mops"
    Some Europeans call pugs mops.
  10. "Did you see the Valentino movie?"
    At first I had no clue. Then I searched online and found out about a 2008 documentary film about fashion designer Valentino. It features his numerous pugs. I have never seen it.