Maybe about a weeks worth of lists.
  1. Everybody loves the Secret Santa thing.
    A little too much. Didn't expect so much mushy, gushing sentiment. I don't show this much love to my own family. I need to try harder?
  2. Everybody hates Donald Trump.
    No one really pays any attention to him in NY. He is just there... in the background. Like naked cowboy or pizza rat.
  3. A lot of bad dates out there.
    That sucks. Twenty years ago if you had a bad date you just never went out with that person again. You never complained about it and if you saw that person again you just ignored them. Not saying this is better it's just very different now.
  4. A lot of people are or were in pain.
    Sorry that really sucks. I feel bad reading some of it because it is so personal. Like I am reading your journal.
  5. Everybody seems young or has kids or both.
    No finals. No kids. No Thanks.